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Product List

Arts and Crafts

Children's art supplies like paint, markers, crayons, brushes, paper, easels, How to Draw books, chalk, colored pencils, modeling clay and dough, stickers, as well as children's art kits for weaving, sewing, crocheting, knitting, jewelry making, paint by number, painting figures and treasure boxes, fashion design, car design, origami.

Bath Toys

Boats and submarines, rubber ducks, squirting animals and vehicles, wind ups, bath stickers, color tablets, bath crayons, bath foam, bath mitts, instant capsules, tub instruments, bath playsets.


Children's books, cloth books, board books, picture books, beginning reader books, classic chapter books, Dr. Seuss books, coloring books, dot to dot, mazes, how to draw, sticker books, workbooks, flipbooks. DK nonfiction books on animals, vehicles, science, history, and more.


Huge selection of wooden building blocks, marble runs, and plastic building sets including Legos, K'Nex, Zoobs, Uberstix, Wedgits, Gears, Magz, Pixel Blocks, marble runs, old fashioned Lincoln Logs, Fiddlestix, Erector sets, children's tool sets, wood and plastic vehicles to build.

Dolls and Accessories

Dolls to play with, not to sit on a shelf. All sizes of baby dolls. Cloth dolls including Raggedy Ann and Andy and Groovy Girls. High chairs, strollers, cribs, beds, doll clothes, feeding sets.

Dress Up

Dress up outfits for girls and boys aged 3 to 6. Knight, pirate, doctor, veterinarian, chef, firefighter, police officer, king, queen, wizard, cowboy, cowgirl, princess, ballerina. Capes, hats, tiaras, gloves, wands, feather boas, wings, swords, shields, tutus, ballet and princess slippers


Flashcards, chore charts, calendars, Brain Quest, magnet boards and letters, maps, learning clocks, learn to print, play money


Plastic animal figures including farm, forest, jungle, sea life, dinosaurs, reptiles, fairies, knights, princesses, pirates. Wooden snakes, wooden animal figures, flocked dinosaurs and horses, stretchable animals, tubes of small animals


Board games, card games, matching games, dominoes, dice games, jacks, pick up sticks, yo-yos, brain teasers, tiddlywinks, labyrinths, darts, auto bingo

Greeting Cards

Peaceable Kingdom Press wonderful children's greeting cards with illustrations from children's books. Some cards have tattoos, stickers, paper dolls, or fold in to hats. Laughing Elephant cards are old fashioned Valentines.

Infants and Toddlers

Teethers, rattles, stacking toys, shape sorters, push toys, pull toys, blocks, vehicles, animals, activity sets, blankies in wood, fabric, and plastic.


Musical jewelry boxes with spinning ballerinas, fairies, horses, dragons. Tooth fairy boxes. Children's sunglasses and watches, mood rings, wood, plastic and stone bead necklaces and bracelets.


Magic sets and individual tricks.


Children's drums, rhythm instruments, guitars, toy pianos, xylophones, recorders, whistles, kazoos, bells. Music Maker and songs. Jack in the Boxes, bath tub instruments.


Tops, wind-ups, kaleidoscopes, Slinkys, Silly Putty, banks, coin purses, pirate coins, Benders, squishy stress balls, gag tricks, party favors, bouncy balls, manipulative toys.


Bubbles, balls, gardening tools, sand toys, kites, Stomp Rockets, yo-yos, Frisbees, water toys, jump ropes, bug collecting toys, balsa planes, umbrellas, play tents

Playsets and Dollhouses

Huge selection of Playmobil including addons. Wooden doll houses, dolls, furniture, and accessories. Wooden barns, stables, castles, treehouses, garages, pirate ships. Calico Critters flocked animal families.


Soft cats, dogs, teddy bears, farm animals, wild animals, dinosaurs, dragons, robots, fairies, stick horses, teach me dolls and animals. Sock monkeys, Curious George, hanging monkeys. Zoobie Pets animal, blanket, and pillow in one. Pucci Puppy playsets.


Play food, dishes, tea sets, grocery carts, kitchens, lacing beads and shapes, pegboards, felt boards, magnetic playsets, pattern blocks, tool sets, play money, cash registers, abacus, ZipBin playmats, Bilibo, doctor kits, brooms, mailboxes


Beautiful, realistic puppets from Folkmanis. Fun people and animal puppets from Melissa & Doug, Manhattan Toy, and Wild Republic. Wonderful finger puppets from Folkmanis, Schylling, Manhattan Toy, and Mary Meyer. Old fashioned, hand made wooden marionettes from Fish River Crafts.


Wooden puzzles with knobs, chunky pieces, textures, sound, latches, or magnets. Floor puzzles, cube puzzles, jigsaw puzzles from 12 pieces to 1500 pieces. Foam puzzles and floor mats. Rubber puzzles, blank jigsaw puzzles, puzzle balls and globes, moody puzzles. Brain teasers, slide puzzles, wire puzzles, and Rubik's cubes.


Science kits, electronic kits, robot kits, I Dig kits, chemistry kits, ant farms, butterfly kits, crystal growing kits, volcano kits. Microscopes, magnifying glasses, compasses. Glow stars, space vehicles, planet models. Magnets, rocks. Bug jars, nets, viewers. Wood and plastic skeletons. Gyroscopes, prisms, tornado tubes. Robotic insects.


Spy gear and gadgets.


Diecast HotWheels, Matchbox, Darda, and pull back cars, trucks, and track sets. Large Bruder trucks and construction vehicles. Plastic trucks from Viking, Green Toys, Sprig, Small World Toys, Wow Toys. John Deere tractors and construction vehicles. Bamboo and wooden cars and trucks. Wooden take apart Automoblox cars. Remote control cars and trucks for children.

Wooden Railroad

Huge selection of wooden BRIO, Melissa & Doug, and Thomas the Tank Engine trains, track, sets, bridges, buildings, and accessories. Maple Landmark and Melissa & Doug track by the piece. Maple Landmark Alphabet Letter trains. Join our Engineer's Club for 15% off your wooden railroad purchases.