While staying home with her two sons, Reilly and Reed, former computer engineer, Shirley Reilly imagined a place where a parent could drop in to let the kids play, to visit with other parents, and to find out about and purchase quality children's toys. In 1995, Shirley opened Let's Play Toy Store in a small space off Main Street in downtown Hillsboro. The store's current building, built in 1887, became Let's Play's home in 1998. Before long, Shirley had filled the toy store with thousands of unique toys. "I just buy what I like and what I would feel good about giving to kids that I care about," says Shirley. "I prefer basic, open-ended toys that invite a child to use his imagination. I don't like batteries!"

You'll find lots of wooden toys---blocks, trains, puzzles, doll houses, and more. Let's Play's vast collection of plastic figures includes animals, dinosaurs, knights, pirates, and fairies from companies like Playmobil, Safari, and Papo. There's plenty to cuddle from Folkmanis puppets, to dozens of stuffed animals, and adorable baby dolls. Make believe is enhanced with our dress up clothes and accessories for girls and boys. Our pretend food and dishes add interest to playing house. The comfortable book area features classic children's stories, activity books, and the DK line of informational books. Our children's art supplies and craft kits inspire creativity. Our puzzles and games help provide meaningful family interaction. Our science kits, building sets, and children's musical instruments enrich learning. Our toys teach children while they play.

Let's Play believes in customer service. Come in and let our friendly staff help you choose the perfect toy for your loved one.

When you purchase a gift at Let's Play you will enjoy using our do-it-yourself gift wrap table. We have all the wrapping and ribbon you need to make sure your gift is ready for the party.